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All the details and frequently ask questions:

  • You will be required to fill out an application and pay a deposit of $500.00 to reserve your new puppy, the deposit can be paid through GoodDog, Zelle, Paypal or cash if local. GoodDog Link:

  • JensenBelle Doodles will review every application that comes through to verify that you are in good standing to purchase one of our puppies.  We will call your references to verity your information is accurate.  

  • We offer payment in full prior to scheduling your puppies pickup.  Payment is accepted through GoodDog, LendingUSA Pet, Klarna, Certified Bank Check or Cash.  

  • All puppies sold will include the 6% Pa Sales Tax.  Example, if your puppy is $2500.00, $150.00 will be paid to the state.  We are not a backyard breeder or a puppy mill and are a registered LLC required to collect sales tax at the time of purchase.

  • A contract will be signed prior to pickup of your new puppy, you will be required to get your puppy spay or neutered at six to nine months of age.  Your puppy does not come with breeding rights,  if you are interested in breeding, make it known at the time of reservation and we can discuss further.

  • We require Pet Insurance to be on every puppy that has a health guarantee for the term of the guarantee.  We send all puppies home with a 30 day Complimentary Trupanion Insurance.  You are required to call the day of pickup and register your puppy.  You do not have to keep the Trupanion Insurance, but will be required to carry some form of insurance.  Not only does that protect you as pet owners from vet bills that could exceed $5000.00, but it also protects your puppy if something happens and they need medical care.  If you choose to not carry Puppy Insurance for the term of the Health Guarantee you void all health contracts and JensenBelle Doodles is no longer liable for the puppies genetic health in any way.

  • Going home each puppy receives a folder with the first shots complete, wormed, micro chipped, puppy cut/groom, a goodie bag with toys, food, leash and collar.  When purchasing an AKC Registered Poodle, you will also receive their litter registration.  When purchasing a CKC Registered Doodle, you will receive their litter registration.  All puppies will be Embark Health Tested and those documents will be sent home with the puppy.

  • In the contract you will be required to take your puppy to a vet within 3 days.  If your vet is not available you are required to schedule an appointment with any vet you can.  I would recommend scheduling before your pickup day a future time that is within the 3 day window.  Not being able to get into a vet 3 days after pickup voids any health contract signed and JensenBelle Doodles is no longer responsible for the puppies health.

  • If you have been looking for a new member of your family, look no further.  What sets us apart from other breeders is our puppy curriculums that we follow.  You might of noticed that puppy prices are all over the place.  That has to do with a lot of factors.  1.  Our breeding dogs are health tested, genetic tested, OFA Tested, Registered, and of the highest pedigrees.  2.  You are not just buying the dog, your buying the program it was raised on.  The beginning 8 weeks are crucial to the development of your future pet.      

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